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Our philosophy is to spread the spirit of Japanese tea ceremony, Sado (way of tea) culture. The true spirit of Sado - harmony (wa), reverence (kei), purity (sei), tranquility (jaku) -with a sip of green tea and dessert - can bring a calm perspective and a mind of hospitality to a busy daily life.

The Japanese tea ceremony, or Sado, came about when Japan adopted both Chinese practices of drinking powdered green tea (Matcha) along Zen Buddhist beliefs. One of the greatest cultures Zen has brought to Japan was the concept of wabicha. Wabicha is an aesthetic ideal that finds surpassing beauty and deep significance in what is humble or ordinary and appears natural or artless. This conception of beauty as simple and austere is found in poetry, and came to be the main philosophy in the Sado.

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony has evolved to something that is more than just drinking tea. While drinking the tea of Sado, one focuses on contemplating the quietude and pleasure of their spirit.

These days it seems that although technology has improved yet people are living a very hectic life. We wish that TSUJIRI will provide qualitative life-style to the busy modern society all over the world.