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TSUJIRI founder’s contribution to the Japanese tea culture

The time was end of ancient Edo period, and in 1860,  the brand Tsujiri was first established by Riemon Tsuji in Uji of Kyoto, Japan. The founder Riemon tapped his own wealth to improve the tea industry, advancing and innovating the method to enhance the flavours and sweetness of the tea to accomplish in making the highest quality Gyokuro tea leaves. He also devised the tea cabinet to keep the tea leaves fresh longer,  thereby enabled to revive the popularity and marketing of the Uji tea. His effort was well recognized by many and to attest to that, his statute was built in Byodoin, the Kyoto's world heritage temple.


More than 155 years

Since then and for more than 155 years, the brand TSUJIRI has kept Riemon spirits of "Continue to innovate and sustain the tradition", and has always offered the best green tea throughout Japan.